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Eco Guardian-The Solution to France's Ban on Plastic


As part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, France will
ban all disposable plastic cups, cutlery, plates, and takeaway 
containers starting in the year 2020. The new law will require disposable 
tableware to be made from a minimum of 50% biologically-sourced 
materials that are compostable at home. 

Eco Guardian, an industry leader in compostable tableware and packaging, 
is looking to expand Canadian exports through emerging opportunities with 
Europe, with the focus on France’s ban on plastic tableware.  

We have the solution to disposable plastic tableware. Eco Guardian 
manufactures and supplies single-use compostable tableware made from 
tree-free paper called bagasse. Bagasse paper is made from agricultural 
residue—crushed sugarcane stalks left-over after the juice has been extracted; 
excess plant material once food grain and chaff have been extracted; and 
quick-growing bamboo. Our products are 100% compostable and are made 
from the second generation by-products of biologically-sourced materials.


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