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ECO Guardian Biodegradable Products


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2010 Grocery Innovations Canada convention last month I had the pleasure of speaking with President and CEO Anil Abrol of ECO Guardian, Canada. He introduced me to the ECO Guardian line of 100% compostable and biodegradable products made from sugar cane pulp.

ECO Guardian Partnered with Burlodge Canada Benefits chart

What a fantastic idea. As someone who works in packaging I’m always curious about eco packaging and I must say ECO Guardian certainly has me interested. They’ve managed to make food packaging trays, reusable grocery bags, hangers, computer tote bags, cutlery, all Eco friendly and biodegradable. Incredible.

The table wear is:
- microwavable
- biodegradable within 31 days
- long shelf life
- temperature resistant at -40C to 250C (-40F to 482F)
- heat resistant at 150C (302F)
- no pollution to environment
- no waste from production
- no excessive energy in production

ECO Guardian Product benefits

Great to see a company who is fully green. Polystyrene foam takes hundreds of years to decompose. It’s best to have zero waste and get into the habit of making smart consumer choices with product packaging. Buying in bulk saves money, but when you can’t due to space restrictions or what have you, at least picking a biodegradable/reusable/recyclable product helps.

The most surprising product ECO Guardian makes is a fully biodegradable computer bag. Yes, it’s ugly as sin, but it’s made of fully degradable  materials.

ECO Guardian Computer bag

As well as the Coloured Pencil stationary set:

ECO Guardian Coloured Pencil set

Interesting to say the least. I’m not sure what direction the company is taking, if they’re targeting consumers or business to business as they seem to have both retail and industry products.

Yes, I know this isn’t a post about food, but I do like to mention Eco friendly products when I come across them. Never hurts to know your options and be able to make an informed purchase.




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