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PLA Lined Paper Bowls

PLA Lined Paper Bowls / Compostable / 8, 12, 16, and 32oz

Eco Guardian's Compostable Tableware eliminates waste and the growing disposal and health concerns which may be caused by other food service items.

Our new range of paper bowls step away from the traditional hazardous option of polyethylene lining used to prevent condensation/leaking and use an environmentally friendly alternative - PLA (polylactic acid) derived entirely from plants. 

Our range of paper bowls are microwave, refrigerator, and freezer friendly. In addition, all our tableware products are BPI certified and meet the ASTM standards for compostability. 

All Eco Guardian bowls are kept in stock, ready to be delivered right to your door. We also offer custom private label printing and specific cups based on your needs, available for large or small orders based on your requirements. 

EG-P-PL-S08 / 8oz / Qty per pack-50 / Packs per case-20 / Qty per case-1000 / Cubic-2.9 / Weight-21.0 lbs. / UPC-10181692000756

EG-P-PL-S12 / 12oz / Qty per pack-25 / Packs per case-20 / Qty per case-500 / Cubic-2.7 / Weight-15.4 lbs. / UPC-10181692000763

EG-P-PL-S16 / 16oz / Qty per pack-25 / Packs per case-20 / Qty per case-500 / Cubic-2.9 / Weight-17.0 lbs. / UPC-10181692000770

EG-P-PL-S32 / 32oz / Qty per pack-25 / Packs per case-20 / Qty per case-500 / Cubic-3.5 / Weight-24.0 lbs. / UPC-10181692000787

  • Features
• Environmentally responsible - made with managed plantations, a renewable resource
• Environmentally-friendly PLA lining - made from plants, not oil
• Replaces polystyrene and plastic serving bowls
• BPI and ASTM Certified compostable
• Approved for food packaging by the FDA and Canadian Agencies