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Clothing/Unique Folding Bag

Eco Guardian offers a range of Industrial bags to accomodate whatever bag-related needs you may have. We find out exactly what you need and togeter, develop a product specfic to your requirements. Whether it is already in the market, or just starting out as an idea, Eco Guardian will make it happen - at the lowest possible cost for you.

We also offer a wide variety of reusable bags, such as our woven and non-woven polypropylene shopping bags. Sturdier and stronger than plastic bags, they can carry up to 35lb/16kg and are machine washable.

Whatever you ask for, we'll make it happen.

  • Details
  • Benefits
  • Specifications
• Non-Woven Polypropylene bag with full zipper
• Easy to carry
• Each bag holds 10 folded bags
• Replaces corrugated cardboard boxes
• Various uses
• Long-Lasting
• Replaces corrugated cardboard boxes
• Reduces cost of boxes
• Easy transport
• Numbering system to track bags back
• Can fit into airplane overhead compartment
• Folds to fit into a suitcase, bring back an extra bag full of shopping
Any bag, any size, any colour, any printing - you tell us what you want, we will make it happen.

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