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Oval Trays & Lids

EG-N-S002: Oval Tray / 7.5” x 5.5” x 1” / Bagasse / Compostable
EG-N-S002-Lid: Oval Tray Lid / Clear PET / Recyclable

Excellent for all types of food packaging – superior strength, grease and moisture resistant, shelf-stable, stackable, and heat film sealable. Excellent for food service, catering, hospitality, deli, food processors, fresh produce and the airline industry. Custom Embossing is also available.

Eco Guardian’s compostable products eliminate waste and the growing disposal concerns caused by traditional polystyrene foam and plastic food service items.

Our compostable food packaging products are made from sugarcane fiber (bagasse), a waste by-product of the sugar refining process. The lids are made from recyclable clear PET. The tray is machine film-sealable and MAP compatible. Our tray is fridge, freezer, TurboChef, microwave, and oven safe... and above all is food-safe and is an eco-friendly replacement for polystyrene and plastic trays.

EG-N-S002 / Qty per pack-50 / Packs per case-6 / Qty per case-300 / Cubic-2.5 / Weight-23.8 lbs. / UPC-10181692000145
EG-N-S002-Lid / Qty per pack-50 / Packs per case-6 / Qty per case-300 / Cubic-3.7 / Weight-9.9 lbs. / UPC-10627745000545

  • Features
• Environmentally responsible - made with sugarcane fiber, a fully renewable resource
• Lid is recyclable clear PET
• Replaces polystyrene and tree-based paper tableware
• Tray is BPI and ASTM Certified compostable
• Hot or cold – fridge, freezer, microwave, and oven safe -40° F to 450° F (-4º C to 232º C)
• Approved for food packaging by the FDA and Canadian Agencies