12 oz Wide Mouth Bowl

Product Code: EG-BG-S12-R1-H

  • Fully Compostable Within 33 Days

  • Made from Sugarcane (Bagasse)

  • Available in White & Natural Bagasse

  • Excellent for small servings of soup, chili, cereal, salad, ice cream, sorbet, gelato, yogurt, fruit, dessert and any other hot or cold item you want to serve in a bowl

  • Premium strong and sturdy quality, superior feel,

  • Soak-through resistant

  • Hot or cold, fridge, freezer, microwave and oven safe -40° F to 450° F (-4º C to 232º C)

  • Responsibly replaces polystyrene, plastic, and tree-based paper tableware

EG-BG-S12-R1-H-LID-FOOD 12oz Wide Mouth
EG-BG-S12-R1 12 oz Wide Mouth Bowl White
EG-BG-S12-R1-H-LID 12oz Wide Mouth Bowl
EG-BG-S12-R1-LID Flat PET Lid for 12 oz
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