cutlery box .jpg

CPLA Cutlery Box 10 pieces of each Fork, Knife, Spoon

Product Code: EG-CPLA-CB6.5

  • Fully Compostable, including box and window

  • Made from CPLA

  • Product size: 6.5"

  • Colour: White

  • BPI Certified, ASTM Certified

  • FDA and CFIA food service approved

  • Made from 100% renewable resources

  • Premium strong and sturdy quality, superior feel

  • Responsibly replaces polystyrene, plastic, and other petroleum based products

  • Available in bulk pack (fork only), individually wrapped (in compostable packing), in cutlery set (1 each fork, knife, spoon) and in cutlery box (10 each fork, knife, spoon)