Pure Products. Clean Future.

We offer a complete line of 100% compostable containers. We have take-out clamshells as well as trays specially designed for certain foodservice applications. We offer all of these products in sugarcane or in bamboo fibre. 
We have small containers, large containers, containers with compartments, containers without compartments, containers with lids, containers without lids, containers with attached lids, and some more containers too.

We offer a complete line of 100% compostable plates. All our plates are made from sugarcane (bagasse) and are naturally white. From a small 6" dessert plate to a large 12.5" serving tray, Eco Guardian has your whole event covered.

All our plates are available in retail packs to go straight on the shelf or in food service packs to set up for the salad bar. Ask us how we can customize to suit your needs!

We offer a complete line of 100% compostable paper bowls. The sizes range from 8oz-32oz so there's a bowl for a single scoop of chocolate chip ice cream and there's a bowl for an extra large tomato soup. The bowls do what all good bowls should - they keep your food safe and contained without leaking and without getting soggy. The bowls as well as the lids offer an easy opportunity to help create a more sustainable foodservice industry.

We offer a complete line of 100% compostable paper cups.  Whether for a bit of juice in the morning or an extra large cup of coffee to get you through the day, we have the size and style to meet your requirements. The cups are designed and tested to the highest quality standards so in addition to getting a product that performs exceptionally well, these cups offer an easy opportunity to help create a sustainable foodservice industry.

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Compostable Cutlery

We wouldn't be able to say that we've got your event and your table setting covered unless we had cutlery too! Our 100% compostable cutlery is made from CPLA and is exceptionally strong. It outperforms the flimsy plastic cutlery both in your hand at the table and once you're done with it. 
Our cutlery is available in many pack sizes. Bulk, individually wrapped, packs of 3 or packs of 30. Let us know how you want your cutlery and we'll make sure to cut right to the chase.

There's just something about having a cold drink in a clear cup that makes it that much better. Thankfully, we've got a 100% compostable option for that too! 
Whether it's juice, iced tea, a slushy, or a tall frothy one, our compostable clear cups offer the perfect balance - enjoy your drink without compromise and help protect the environment, also without compromise.

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Eco Guardian began with a simple wish to help reduce the number of single use plastic bags that end up in landfill. Our reusable bags are what our company was born of and we're happy to continue offering this line. We offer a complete line of reusable bags, in a variety of materials, suitable for a large array of applications. From produce bags for your fruit, to a bag for your tires. We've done it all and we're happy to make the exact bag you need.